There are so many thing I do not have time for to implement them or just things where I believe they could make a better world, ...

You can read this stuff to become inspired. You may use it as you want, but I would be happy if you let me know when you do so. Some of them I decided to put under some licensing. Don't worry about it in hobby projects.

Demos & Games
 RPG Inventory The inventory system described here was planned for my role play game Barad Garth. Creative Commons License
RPG Trading System A trading system design where bartering is the main component. The value of items is estimated on both sides and a symmetric value is derived. So buying/selling/buying back one item with a certain character always yields the same conditions. Creative Commons License
Other Themes in Informatics
Structured Raw File Format Structured Raw a minimal meta format which stores binary information and can be used in many different
ways. It is similar to Json.
Creative Commons License
Coming.. This is an idea to decrease the noise of wind turbines and steady their power (buffer energy) through potential energy. Creative Commons License

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