For many game and demo projects I wrote libraries. In retrospect many of them are not really libraries, as they where only used in one project and I will not use them elsewhere. However the projects listed here are worth to be used. My be even for you.

Development period Name Description
2013/10/09 - 2014/07/08 JoFileLib A small library to load things I liked to load: png, tga, pfm, json and a binary json-like file. I still do use it, but there are so many libraries which can load a lot more files that this project is a bit outdated.
2014/08/20 - now Epsilon-Intersection My math library for games and renderers. It contains a vector/matrix class, a lot of intersection and distance functions and many utility functions for vectors and scalars. Fixpoint and half types are planed for the feature.
I encourage you to use this library. It is mostly tested (I expect this is my project with the fewest bugs) and I am always happy for feature requests.


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