Development Period: 2016/01/29 - 2016/01/31 (GGJ2016)
Genre: Top Down Shooter
Language: Rust + SDL2
Platforms: Win (tested), Mac OS X(tested), Linux/Unix (assumed)
Members: Johannes Jendersie
Robert Jendersie


‚Äč Nearly dead mage attacked by a spider close to a golem summoning place.

For the lack of a good idea we decided to try a new programming language: Rust. Rust is very involved. We had nearly no bugs - the pedantic compiler lets you do so little you cannot make that much wrong.

Nevertheless, we managed to write the core game-play of Rituler:
You are a mage and want to build your own empire. A first good step is of course to summon some golems. But, these primitive soldier and builder units need souls of different quality. Fortunately, there is a constant spawn of spiders trying to kill you. Well, kill them first and summon your own army with their souls!

Downloads: Rituler (2MB)