Runtime: April 2012
Genre: Minigame
Language: C++, OpenGL
Members: Johannes Jendersie

This is one of the few finished games which was by design. I just have had been game for a finished project. Further it was my first try of the OpenGL API instead of DirectX. This game does not come with totally new ideas: You may click on each are of at least 2 equal stones which will disappear and cause some effects as winning more points. I implemented 4 different modes. In general everything falls downward if there is nothing below. It is not possible to undo actions but you may click on falling stones if the build up an area somewhere in the fly.

  1. Simple: 5 Colors - now new stones - bonus if field (nearly) empty
  2. Succeeding: 5 Colors - columns move right - new stones from left - end if no possible move
  3. Arcade: 8 Colors - instant refilling from top - be as fast as possible (time counter increases on clicking areas)
  4. Tetris: 6 Colors - increasing rain of stones - game over if some column is filled to the top.

Download: Wallick.7z (256 KB)

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