Development Period: 2014/11/21 - 2014/11/24 (AGJ14.2)
Genre: Puzzle, Platform
Language: C++, Raw OpenGL
Members: Johannes Jendersie

Snowmage Endgame

Snowmage Endgame

Environment Magic

Almost all games with magic come with a fire ball or similar. Boring. I thought about a more natural way of magic: just do small changes in the environment to achieve big things. In Snowmage you have only two casts: "Wind" and "To Snow". Snow may form ice crystals when interacting with the environment and crystals can be transformed back to snow via the second cast. With these mechanics you can bridge large gabs and kill your enemies.

screenTutorialHow to play is explained directly in the game, but I have seen many strategies to win. Some people kill the Black Mage, or make him just defenceless, or reach the door without fighting.

There are 8 playable levels, 2 tutorial screens and the credits. Just that you know when it is over...


The official release starts in the Acagamics advent calendar (Under the name Whiteout, which was the development name). But both files are more or less the same:

2014/11/24: Snowmage (Windows Binary 81 KB zipped)

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