Keltic I


Runtime: 2004-2006
Genre: 2D Role Play Game
Language: Delphi
Members: Johannes Jendersie

Keltic I was my first project and game at all. After 4 weeks of learning Delphi by reimplementing examples I started to write that game. Unfortunately I did not found the latest version. There was a version with shadows and some more actions to do. Screen shot and download are from the version in December 2005. I made it executable again and kept it untouched with all its bugs...

The game idea: I do not remember that. It seems to me it should have been very trading focused and you should be able to have your own production plants (similar to X2). Of course there were also monsters and quest plant to be. In the latest version one quest was available. But unfortunately I did not found a backup of this version.

Download of latest existing version: Keltic 1.7z (7.3 MB)

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