Final result on GGJ13

Final result on GGJ13

Started: 2013/01/25 (GGJ13)
Genre: 3D Game + 128K Demo
Language: C++
Members: Johannes Jendersie

Sagaramatha is a 3D puzzle and explore game I started to develop on the GGJ13 (Global Game Jam 2013). At the end of the 48 hours there was a playable prototype - 3D and with physics!

Download: Saga (Win, 80KB) The download contains a readme with the key configuration and other hints you should read before playing.

SagaCurrent state from 2015/01/14: In the proceedings of the first AcaGameAwards (December 2014) the game was pushed further. I added more content, achievement systems level timings, particle systems. Also the old todos from former state reports were mainly handled. There is still music missing and space for more and improved levels.

The Jury liked that game and played it for hours. So even with only 5 levels it provides a kind of long term motivation, but be warned: it is hard.

Current state from 2013/11/14: After the start of the next semester and the fact that I am working alone at this project the development of this game goes to sleep. Still, there are some new features and I probably will add some other in feature:

  • Labyrinth generator
  • New texture for labyrinth walls
  • Player animation (has problems with the timing)
  • Fur effect for the player

Still planned but not suspected: Fill the labyrinth, Particle systems, Cave (level 3), Outdoor with Trees (level 4).

Current state from 2013/09/11: I added a lots of lightning effects which improved the visual appearance as much as the executable-size (46KB). Last month I also added level files and a dynamic reload. This allows to place objects interactively! It is planed to use a compressed binary format for the release. So the map-file size does not matter. BumpMaps

New Features:

  • Specular mapping with Fresnel term
  • Bump mapping
  • Individual Bump/Specular maps for all existing textures
  • Main menu + Picking
  • Achievements: Completing level 1 and several other ones; achievements for beeing fast.
  • Point lights (without shadows)

Current state from 2013/07:

  • Collision detection and resolvement
  • Mesh creation: implicit surfaces (I call it marching edges), explicit surfaces
  • Content: Barrel, Wheel, Pharao, Pillars, Boxes, Parts of Level 1
  • Achievements: Only the first-jump test achievement
  • Graphic: Sky, Fog, Shadows (directional lights only)
  • Textures: Wood, Stone, Sand, Rusty Metal, Cobblestone

Technical details and some more screen shots can be found in the following posts: