Development Period: 2015/01/23 - 2015/01/25 (GGJ2015)
Genre: Not sure, is there a genre?
Language: Java 1.8, Slick2D
Platforms: Win (tested), Mac OS X(tested), Linux/Unix (assumed)
Members: Johannes Jendersie
Paul Stang
Claudius Grimm
Andreas Reich


One of four players

The dumbazells don't know what to do. Tell them by placing colors on the ground using your cursor! Your goal is to bring three flags to your base. Green: Catch flag! Blue: Run! Rot: Attack The colors map to XBox360 Controller buttons. Use yellow to erase. But beware! Bored Dumbazells will become crazy and will attack all other in their frenzy.

Downloads: DumbazellsLinux.7z (13 MB)
DumbazellsMac.7z (13 MB)
DumbazellsWin.7z (12.9 MB)

The game requires two to four XBox360 Controllers inclusive players. At the end all players are confused and one will have won.

It was my first game project which was developed cross platform. The first day we needed to find a language and a framework which worked on all our systems and with controllers. Slick2D is simple and easy to use. We were fascinated by the simplicity to draw on a render target and use it on system side, but it lacks shader support and batch rendering. The underlying layer of lwjgl (OpenGL wrapper) helped about this problem and is a well done wrapper which simplifies some of the OpenGL functions by language features like overloading.

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