Barad Garth


Runtime: 2006-2011
Genre: 3D Role Play Game
Language: C++
Members: Johannes Jendersie

Barad Garth was the direct successor of my first attempt Keltic I. It is comparable to Gothic I and II:

  • Story driven role play game
  • Highly consistent world. Killing a wolf will never drop money - just flesh and fur. An other part of the consistent should be that the world has a history (stories, ruins, ...) and a future (children, building sites, characters with perspectives and goals, ...)
  • Magic
  • Complex handcraft and system with a exchange based trade system

I thought going to 3D will not be that much harder than 2D. I learned much about 3D programming and put that into my game engine the Orkteck Engine. Most of my time was spend for the engine and so the game never had reached a playable version. There was just a free floating camera in some nice looking world.

Since I still like the idea of that game I might reopen the project and restart it. Maybe next time I should use a ready engine.